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Marriage & Communication: Who Should Initiate Sex & Intimacy In Your Relationship?

Even married couples experience dry spells when it comes to sex and intimacy. It is common for couples to fumble and feel awkward about initiating lovemaking when weeks or even months have gone without a bid for intimacy. How do you discuss your intimacy needs without offending your partner? Couples who communicate well in marriage have happier marriages and more fulfilling sex lives.

Marriage and intimacy can be tricky when the communication around intimacy and lovemaking is inconsistent. That's why every couple needs a little guidance when it comes to discussing their intimate needs with each other. Sometimes, just asking the right question can spark a very necessary conversation with you spouse to have great marital intimacy.

Dr. Alduan Tartt (Christian psychologist) and Dr. Jacqueline Sherman (Psychologist and intimacy coach) discuss gender roles, how to communicate needs, how to handle refusal in lovemaking, how to bring up the topic of sexual satisfaction and needs without offending your spouse.

Here are a few tips that were discussed in the joint session with Dr. Tartt and Dr. Sherman to improve your communication around sex and intimacy.

- Be Direct & Say What You Need

- Communicate With Touch

- Be Confident & Be Assertive

- Text It

You can also ask your partner the best way to approach them so that you limit your chances of rejection which never feels good. You could ask:

"Do you prefer to be asked or touched?"

"Do you prefer subtle or direct?"

"Do you prefer to see it coming or be surprised?"

Okay, that should be enough to get started. I'm here if you need me.

If you are looking to work with Dr. Sherman to improve overall sexual confidence and address marital intimacy needs, she can be reached here.

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