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Let's Build Strong Marriages In Community

Dr. Alduan Tartt & Mecca Tartt

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* Marital Classes are only $97/month

* Marital Classes are discounted to $47/month if you register for the entire year

Why Joining Better Husband Better Wife Is A Marriage & Relationship Enhancer

What Is Included Withing Better Husband, Better Wife Membership?

  1. A Complete, Seven Phase Marriage Building Masterclass- Included (Immediate Access)

  2. Monthly, Interactive Couples Classes To Teach & Strengthen Marital Skills- Included or Optional

  3. Supportive Community of Married Couples Who Want Strong Marriages- Included

  4. Resources, Videos, Emails, Special Events To Strengthen Your Marriage-  Included

The Benefits & Strengthened Skills For Your Marriage

  • Better Connection With Scheduled Date Nights

  • Better Ability To Communicate With Stimulating Talks That Dive Deep

  • Better Culture of Togetherness By Developing Couples Rituals You Do Together

  • Better Marital Positivity, Strong Mental Mindset & Resilient Optimism

  • Better Conflict Resolution Skills & Ability To Work Through Differences Without Fighting

  • Better Teamwork To Conquer #CouplesGoals And Support Individual & Couple Life Dreams 

  • Better Legacy Building With Couple & Family Planning

  • Better Sexual Intimacy & Satisfaction

When Do Classes Meet?

Better Husband, Better Wife Marital Classes Meet Every 2nd Thursday at 9 pm EST

  • All Classes Are Recorded If You Miss For Any Reason, For Your Self-Study, & Review

How To Gain Access & Pricing Options

Better Husband, Better Wife Annual (Gold Package) $97

 Register For Monthly Classes at $97/class (recurring)

  • Get Immediate Access To Better Husband, Better Wife Master Course (5 Hour Mastercourse)

  • Automatically Registered For One Monthly Marital Class (continues monthly with option to stop anytime)

  • Best option for couples who want to "try it out" first and go from there

Better Husband, Better Wife Annual (Diamond Package) $497

 Register Better Husband, Better Wife Full Masterclass + 12 Monthly Coaching Classes

  • Get Immediate Access To Better Husband, Better Wife Mastercourse (5 Hour Mastercourse)

  • Automatically Registered For Twelve Monthly Marital Classes

  • Best Value (monthly classes only $47/month at 50% discount)

Who Trusts Us

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