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Hi, We’re The Tartt’s... Your Marriage Guides

We can’t wait to be your guides to (finally) start creating your best marriage ever. Investing in your marriage is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make with each other, and most people who’ve worked with us didn’t even realize how immediate the positive effects would be.


Imagine Waking Up Stress-Free In Your Marriage.

Over the years, we’ve met so many couples who are struggling with marital issues due to poor relationship skills.


They have love but the love seems to fade when stress is high. What if you could learn skills to make you both better at marriage?


That’s what we do…make YOU better at communication, resolving conflict, working together, intimacy, etc. so that you can live a stress-free and prosperous marriage.


How Much Does Better Husband Better Wife Cost Anyway?

This is not your typical marriage counseling – in fact, it’s not marriage counseling at all.


It’s (A) a comprehensive 7-part marital masterclass to create the best marriage in the privacy of your home and

(B) monthly marital enrichment classes to teach you the skills for the best marriage live (you can watch or participate).


Seven sessions of counseling ($175) will cost you over $1200. However, Better Husband Better Wife costs $497/year or $97/month.


That’s less than Starbucks once a day! You stay as long as you desire. It’s a no-brainer!

BHBW Mastercourse + Four Months of Marital Classes

I want the mastercourse and the classes for consistency


  • 1 payment of $497 

  • Full Better Husband, Better Wife Marital Master Course

  • Proven Intervention Tools & Worksheets

  • Four Months Access to Monthly Group Marital Trainings (including Q & A)- one month complimentary

  • $97/month after complimentary four months of coaching classes.

BHBW Masterclass For Do-It-Yourself

I want the mastercourse and will do the work on our own right now!


  • 1 payment of $297 

  • Full Better Husband, Better Wife Marital Master Course

  • Proven Intervention Tools & Worksheets

Your Best Marriage Starts Now...

Who says you can’t have it all? In fact, God wants our marriages to thrive. So, that’s the goal…to have the best marriage, best career, best family and best health possible, together.


That happens when you become intentional, invest in your development and believe. We believe and partner with you to achieve #couplesgoals (creating legacy) because our goal is to create million-dollar marriages that balance marriage, business, family and health.


Who’s in?


Create Your Best Marriage For Less Than The Cost of a Cup of Coffee a Day.

Sign up today and we’ll guide you to a breathe-easy method for becoming a Better Husband, Better Wife.


We’ve synthesized everything we’ve learned from Dr. Alduan Tartt’s twenty-one years of national experience in psychology, marital counseling and husband and Mecca’s decade plus experience as a woman’s health advocate, marriage retreat speaker/planner and wife into brief, potent and engaging videos that you can watch one at a time or all in one sitting, along with worksheets, checklists and more.


We’ve crafted this program so that it’s flexible enough to fit into any lifestyle and commitment level, and we value your time, so you’ll be able to learn all of this in as little as 10 minutes each day. We meet monthly for marital coaching where you choose your style of participation (interactive or watch). It’s all about your comfort level.

In this course, we’ll cover:

MODULE 1: Building & Maintaining Friendship & Connection
MODULE 2: Improving Emotional Intimacy Improving Conversational Communication

MODULE 3: Improving Conversational Communication

MODULE 4: The Power of Optimism

MODULE 5: Managing Conflict

MODULE 6: Building A Power Couple

MODULE 7: Sustaining the Power Couple & Creating Legacy


So…are you ready to move yourselves to the top of the list and discover your best marriage? Join our tribe today and step onto the path to a deeper, stronger, more connected love with less stress. We’ll be waiting for you on the inside! – Dr. Alduan & Mecca Tartt

Here’s How Our Course Is Different From Anything Else...

Better Husband Better Wife Masterclass is a GAME CHANGER, equipping you with the tools to an amazing marriage. We provide you with a FULL MASTERCLASS (with lifetime access) to improve your marital friendship, communication, connection, conflict resolution, teamwork and legacy building skills.


We also conduct monthly, interactive marital enrichment classes to make sure these skills transfer to your marriage. Our course comes with a supportive community – critical to every marriage- that is fun, driven and accountable. Better Husband Better Wife is taught by a married couple (Dr. Tartt is a top clinical psychologist and Mecca runs marriage retreats).


Our secret ingredient, however, is caring about your marriage, creating classes on demand to meet your needs, and being faith based!

Why Couples Trust Us...

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years. It is our passion in life to strategically advise hopeful and determined couples about everything from connection and communication to optimism, managing conflict and more.


Seeing marriages thrive is what we love! And we also know how to do this right. We’re an Atlanta couple by the way, and organizations like the NBA, CNN, HLN Essence, Black Enterprise, Headline News, the Church and more trust us with our relationship advice.


Dr. Tartt got his B.A. in Psychology from Morehouse and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Michigan.


Mecca’s mass communications and PR background comes from Clark Atlanta and Hampton Universities, and her soft skills come from years as a national sales leader. We’re putting all that to work for you right now with our Better Husband Better Wife Program. Let’s do this!


“We realized that you can’t just wing marriage and, for us, the Better Husband Better Wife Masterclass has provided us with tools that we didn’t even realize we needed for our marriage. We also love the community of being able to connect with other couples that are serious about marriage”

The Pugh’s

Kenny and Tamiko Pugh


“Better Husband Better Wife Monthly Classes have been a phenomenal tool to add to our young marriage toolbox. Even as a seasoned couple in a young marriage, the tools that Dr. Tartt and Mecca, brought out in the scenarios and questions, were always useful and helpful in exponential ways. But the on-screen interaction with other couples was the icing on the cake.”

The Richey’s

Anthony and Letty Richey


“We have been attending the Tartts, Better Husband Better Wife monthly master classes since October 2020. Each month, Dr. Alduan and Mecca Tartt bring fresh, new and thought-provoking ways to build better communication skills and strengthen your marriage. If you are looking to enhance or bring back that spark in your marriage, we highly suggest taking any of the Tartt’s Master Classes on Marriage!”

The Waller’s

Russell and Joni Waller

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...

The Value Of A Great Marriage = PRICELESS.

The average cost of divorce ranges around 15K and that doesn’t include the damage that marital stress does to the mind and body. This program easily provides $2500 in value and restores peace, love and goodwill in your marriage.


Home should be a place of peace and love. Let us guide you to having the best marriage by learning effective tools that actually work. We want to spare you the HEARTACHE of doing this wrong simply because you have the wrong tools to solve the problem.


You can improve your connection, communication, trust & sense of teamwork! However, you can’t go cheap and cut corners when it comes to your marriage. The program is self-driven, so you control the pace: change quickly or do it in small, bite-sized chunks. We’ve taken the guess work out of it. Simply follow the system and show off the results.


We’ve been doing this RIGHT for people just like you for over twenty years and have boiled it down into 7 easy modules, plus monthly coaching and an awesome support group you’ll love. This is our calling. See you inside.

Is the Better Husband Better Wife Program For Us?

  • If you want a great marriage vs. a mediocre marriage:  Yes.

  • If you think each partner should do his/her part to be the best spouse possible: Yes.

  • If you believe in fighting for your marriage (and family) vs. quitting because you honor marriage and hate divorce: Yes.

  • If you invest in marriage already and want to go the next level: Yes.

  • If you train other marriage couples: Yes.

  • If you have 15 minutes a day to dedicate towards trengthening your marriage: Yes.


Here’s Why You Need To Get Inside The Better Husband Better Wife Program.

The best time to begin investing in your marriage was yesterday. The next best time is today. In fact, we all wish we ALREADY had the best marriage ever. Why?


We have goals, new experiences and legacy to create. To get to that beautiful place however, we must act quickly to learn relationship skills. We are only as good as our ability to solve our problems.


We help you to solve marital problems so that you can grow! Great marriages don’t wait. They see an issue, address it by getting help quickly and can grow together quickly. Who has time to procrastinate or energy to argue when you could be thriving? Invest in your marriage. It will pay you back tenfold.

  • Who is this program for?
    This program is for couples who wish to be happier, bring back the spark from their wedding day, honeymoon and anniversaries on a consistent basis and improve the parts of the marriage that cause stress and make it feel unenjoyable. This is couples who do not wish to settle for mediocre or average marriages but, instead, want the best marriage possible long-term.
  • Do I need to work on my marriage?
    There is an adage, “If your marriage is not growing stronger, it is getting weaker.” In fact, we know that marriages are never on neutral so, of course, you have to grow it versus becoming comfortable. Unfortunately, that’s how couples who have been marriage for 5,10, and even 20+ years get divorced. They stopped working on their marriage while the problems mounted until the pressure was too great for the marriage skills. Don’t let this be you. Be part of the 50% who do not get divorced because you were smart and worked on your marriage during all phases. It’s like physical fitness, you should always stay relationally fit to handle the obstacles that come with life, marriage and family like a champion. In marriage, only the strongest survive.
  • What’s included in the program?
    A) In the BHBW program, you get a full six hour marital masterclass that improves your: Better Conflict Resolution- how to resolve differences without fighting (necessary conflict that builds the marriage versus damaging it) Sense of Connection- learn strategies on how to feel close and connected again Sense of Appreciation- learn strategies for making sure you acknowledge good deeds and make your spouse feel properly appreciated Communication- learn how to listen deeply and really feel your partner’s emotions, dreams and wishes and keep conversations rich and meaningful Consistency with Dating- learn strategies for maintaining a consistent dating life throughout the lifetime of the marriage without having to remind, fuss or feel like you are begging for a date with one other Couples Teamwork- learn strategies for identifying and partnering on couples goals to increase wealth, health and making dreams come true Positive Thinking- learn how to implement strategies for maintaining positivity, resiliency and grit so you don’t quit when times get challenging Creating & Maintaining Your Legacy- complete exercises on building a marital and family legacy plan so that your marriage stands the test of time and generationally blesses your children, family and community. B) The BHBW program also includes monthly marital video sessions that help you implement each skill and get live advice from the course creators and special guests each month. As a special bonus, you are allowed to submit specific questions that will get addressed anonymously during each class so that your specific needs are met. C) The BHBW program provides you access to exclusive blogs, articles and interviews that strengthen your marriage D) The BHBW program provides you with a supportive community of marriage couples who are thriving, happy and overcoming challenges just like you are. We are what we see.
  • How long will I have access to the course?
    You have access to the course for a lifetime. It yours. You have access the live, monthly classes and recordings for as long as you are enrolled. You can stay as long as you desire or cancel at anytime.
  • If I join the program, is it guaranteed that my marriage will improve?"
    Honestly, it really depends on your dedication level to implement the skills and strategies offered from your marriage. To make it easy, we do monthly follow up live, monthly group marital coaching trainings to help you implement the skills and hold one another accountable. Also, the strategies in BHBW are research-based and the core of successful marriage counseling worldwide. We give you all the tools you need to improve your marriage from the comfort of your home, even if you live in different cities (separated, military, long-distance, high travel, etc.). Also, we boast many success stories from improved marriages where one spouse started the program and implemented the interventions in the marriage and the partner changed. Sometimes, all you need is one MVP to change the marriage.
  • What amount of privacy do we have in the group settings?
    You get to choose. We’ve found that couples have more fun when they are live, on camera and interactive because the teaching format is fun and handles topics that couples love (amazing sex life, wealth building, communication, fun dates, etc.). However, we also have couples who prefer a low profile and watch anonymously. All couples send in specific questions anonymously and we address each one with privacy so that you get your specific marital issues resolved.
  • What if I want to hire you for one-on-one counseling work?
    This is a popular request and not as difficult as expected. Let’s just say that membership has it’s privileges. There is a separate fee for working with one of both of us (as couple) and we offer all services via telehealth. As clinical psychologist and marital expert, Dr. Tartt has been counseling couples towards better marriages for over twenty years. Occasionally, some couples will ask for a couple’s approach and sessions can be set up with both Dr. Alduan Tartt and Mecca Tartt. Inquire inside the program.
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