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Feeling Under-Appreciated? What You Should Do About It To Enhance Your Marriage...

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We don't like to admit it but we need to feel appreciated in our relationships, especially within marriage. In fact, we need to hear words of appreciation, compliments and to feel adored like we need oxygen.


The answer to this should be obvious, right? Why wouldn't you tell your better half kind words? Proverbs 25:11 states, "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver."

However, yet and still, it is very common for spouses inside of a marriage to feel "appreciation starved". Research by Dr. John Gottman indicates that healthy couples need a 5:1 ratio of positive comments or interactions for each spouse to feel positively about the relationship.

So why doesn't this happen?

It's easy. We mean well in our relationships. One partner will complain, "You know I love you because I am married or in a relationship with you...why do you need to hear it all of the time?" However, that same partner will turn right around and complain about not being appreciated him/herself.

The reality is that saying kind words, expressing appreciation, fondness and admiration for our partners should be part of our daily culture. I hard is it to simply say, "Thanks babe for taking the trash out" or "Thanks babe for the home cooked meal"? Well, it is hard when it is not part of your daily ritual.

This is why I am teaching couples how to build appreciation, gratefulness and fondness into their relationships and marriages as part of the Better Husband, Better Wife Marital Masterclass Series. To find out more, simply click here. Register today. You will find the price to be well within your budget.

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Please share this with a couple who wish to bless.

Now, turn to your better half and tell him/her at least five things you appreciate about them and make this part of your daily culture. Your marriage will thank you!

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