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Watch the Better Husband, Better Wife Webinar (Replay): Top 5 Essential Needs of Each Spouse... Get

I'll be honest...I love teaching! I love seeing relationships being healed inside out!

I love seeing my brothers and sisters who are dating preparing themselves to be the the best spouse while also expecting the same in return!

Please watch this webinar replay of Better Husband, Better Spouse: The Top 5 Essential Needs of Each Spouse in a Relationship and let me know what you think. This webinar is complimentary and everyone has access to it.

You'll get complimentary teachings in the form of webinars, live recordings, pre-recorded sessions each month from me because you are a part of my email list. However, some teachings will be exclusive based on the content and only all access members will be able to see it.

Speaking of exclusive...

I am hosting one the most powerful online webinars I've done on May 21, 2019 at 8:30 pm. I want you to register even if you have a time conflict because I will send you the recording (you paid for it) to have and share with your partner.

Click the link to find out more. This will change the way you look at your power, health and ability to influence change forever.

Dr. Tartt Hosts Marriage Class

Register for this class if you are having trouble finding your voice, getting spouse to listen and change, and/or ready to take control of your life, health, relationship (and even sleep) right now regardless of what he/she does! I know what to do. Let's heal right now!

P.S.- I love to hear what blesses you and what you would love to be taught next. You can email me at

P.S.S.- I'm going to send you a private email (for those on my email list- simply click the "Join Email List" or text TARTT to 22828) about How To Find Your Power When Dating a Narcissist this month. It will change your life!

God Bless!

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