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Four Things Make Marriages FAIL

It seems like each week, I here about another couple who is in trouble or calling it quits. I'm not talking about in my private practice but within my friend, acquaintance, church family or famous entertainer or celebrity. It saddens me because once I hear the details, I am able to spot at least one of the four horseman that kill relationships and marriages.

I only wish that I would have known earlier so that I could have identified the issue and referred them to a counselor, psychologist, social worker, etc. who is trained to help reverse these four deadly killers of love. As you watch the video, identify which one these killers might be affecting your marriage and make the adjustment quickly before what psychologist call N.S.O takes over.

What is N.S.O? Negative Sentiment Override which is a fancy term for the entire marriage feeling totally negative and pointless in fixing. Many couples can reverse the four horseman when they act quickly, before pervasive negativity kicks in, and get interventions to help them to reverse the four horseman. Couples are surprised how quickly their relationship improves one they replace the four horseman with better techniques that are present in all healthy marriages. They all say, "I wish we would have learned this earlier to avoid all of this pain."

You don't have to be in pain any longer! I want to personally offer two options of how I can help you to reverse the four horsemen:

1) Criticism

2) Defensiveness

3) Contempt

4) Stonewalling

One, I want to invite you to A Weekend For Love Virtual Marriage Retreat for engaged and married couples Oct 23-25th. The weekend is designed to reverse these four horseman with interactive couples workshops, panels and exercises. Strengthen your marriage with other couples who want a winning, loving, strong marriage versus a troubled or average one.

Two, check out and go to "Therapist Finder" to locate a great professional who is trained to help you reverse these four horsemen so that you marriage can thrive. I pray that this video and these resources bless you!

We can all do better when we are taught better.


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