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Friendly Fire: An Intimate Couples Experience For Married, Sexy and Saved Couples

Friendly Fire: A Couples Experience for Married, Sexy and Saved Couples

Photo Credit: Nick Nelson

MARRIED, SEXY and SAVED: Anyone who has been married for any period of time understands that it takes work. Just like the body, it must be continuously strengthened to truly be successful.

Meet Dr. Alduan Tartt and Mecca Moore Tartt, a fresh face when it comes to Couples Ministry. They don’t hide the fact that they are married, sexy and saved. In fact, they lean into it. They appeal to attract REAL couples with REAL issues who desire REAL solutions to strengthen their marriages.

Professionally, Dr. Alduan Tartt is a nationally recognized psychologist, minister and media host. Mecca Moore Tartt serves as the Executive Director of the National Sales Network and organizer of women's events around empowerment, health & wellness. This power couple shares a passion for strengthening not only married couples but those who are engaged and dating towards marriage.

They have partnered with Purpose In Pumps to present "Friendly Fire: A Couples Experience", that strengthens couples' emotional, sexual and spiritual intimacy as well as conflict resolutions skills. It's happening just in time for Valentine's Day too.

This event is for couples who accept the idea that strong relationships and marriages require consistent friendship, communication skills, and intimate fire to stand the test of time. For more information visit Friendly Fire: A Couples Experience.

AUDIENCE: Open to those dating towards marriage, engaged and married couples who are ready to enhance their relational intimacy, communication, connection and conflict resolution skills.

WHAT TO EXPECT: An intimate and interactive couples experience with only 20 couples which includes a four course meal at Seasons 52 in a private room, interactive couples seminar and live yet discreet Q & A with Dr. Alduan Tartt and Mecca Tartt.


1) Couples will learn and practice marital and/or relational connection via exercises designed to make couples feel more in love and appreciated.

2) Couples will learn and practice enhanced communication to enhance deep listening and re-create the first date experiences where communication often lasted for hours.

3) Couples will learn how to resolve conflict without arguing or giving up their morals. Learn how marital masters resolve conflict.

Click to register for Friendly Fire before tickets are all sold out.

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