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Life-Changing Advice For Men On How To Control Your Temper in Relationships

One of the most important, MANLY qualities for men to have is the ability to control our temper. Why? Because if we identify as the protectors of our daughters, sons, wife, mother, family, companies, etc. then we must ensure that what comes out of our mouths is loving, kind, controlled and never harsh. The model is to be strong and loving simultaneously.

One of the WORST things that a man, husband, father can do is to threaten the emotional security of those whom you love. A man should be like an air conditioning thermostat- able to cool the temperature in the room with his demeanor even (especially) under duress. He should be able to:

1) Handle his wife or girlfriend's emotions (storm) calmly. This is very sexy to women too (President Obama is a great example)

2) Settle his children (especially teenagers) when they are emotional and make them feel safe even when getting a lecture or redirection

3) Discipline his children without coming off as mean, hostile or threatening. God never appears hostile when disciplining (root word to disciple) us

4) Disagree with his wife, mother, women in his life without making them feel threatened, disrespected, controlled or anxious

5) Make his business partners, employees, consultants feel heard, valuable and respected even when he disagrees

I'm sure you agree with all of this, but the real question is HOW does one develop self-control. You will soon learn about "vagal tone", how important it is to improve your ability to control your temper and what men DO to have better self-regulation over their emotions. It's a MYTH that you will always have an "attitude problem" or go "0 to 100 real quick" because of genetics.

I'm as passionate and hot-blooded as they come but I have learned to regulate it with the methods discussed in this video. This applies to women too.

Watch the video and may your relationships never be the same again. This WILL save the men in your lives and BLESS the women, children and people who interact with them. Share, share, share....

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