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Help! I'm Dating A Commitment Phobic. What's the Problem? Part 1(Wasting Time)

“I’m in a Relationship With A Commitment Phobic!

How Do I Get Him To Pop the Question?”

This is a very intricate question that can have multiple answers and outcomes. So, let’s explore three possible scenarios and discuss options and potential solutions for each one. If your goal for dating is finding true love, commitment and marriage please read carefully. Like most things, dating takes skill. So, let’s get your dating IQ as high as possible about what your man might be thinking so that you can make the best decision for your relationship.

Scenario #1- He is not interested in commitment with anyone- even you.

When you first started dating this man, did he tell you that he wanted a committed relationship? When a man tells you that he is not interested in a committed relationship up front and you choose to ignore or think that you can change him, you are setting yourself up for failure. At this point, he has been brutally honest with you and if you choose to date him anyway then you sabotaged yourself. What did the legendary poet, Maya Angelou tell you, “When people tell you who they are, believe them.” Your options are to walk away and avoid losing anymore precious time or accept the fact that you will never have a committed relationship with this man.

You cannot date a commitment phobic and expect him to ask you to marry you. This makes no sense and is guaranteed to waste your time. It is what it is. Accept it. You can lie to yourself but your ring finger will forever remain bare. It’s cool if you decide to date a man who is commitment-avoidant but you must also accept that you are losing precious time. Do you really have time to waste not dating towards commitment and marriage? I didn’t think so. Ouch! I know that is very direct but wasting your life is not an option. Consider resetting, date someone new and give yourself a chance a realistic chance to have a committed relationship that leads towards marriage. Let’s not talk about marriage, let’s DO something that does not waste your time. Just imagine, you can meet a great man on date one and instantly have hope for marriage. It’s okay to smile. Now, get to work!

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