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Heart 2 Heart With Dr. Tartt Is a HIT!!!

Heart 2 Heart With Dr. Tartt: Real Issues. Real People. Real Talk

When God shows you a dream or a vision for your vision, believe it! God revealed a vision of me hosting a radio show many years ago. I have been an on-air guest over twenty times, had regular weekly spots on nationally syndicated shows and even co-hosted a show but now God's full vision has been revealed and I am glad about it!

Heart 2 Heart with Dr. Tartt (click link for on demand listening now) is a live call-in radio show airing on on every second Tuesday of the month. Dr. Tartt engages guests and callers in entertaining dialogue on all things relating to relationships and makes sure that the male persepective is fully engaged. Imagine men talking while women eavesdrop on the conversation then enter and upgrade the conversation. It creates a synergy that improves relationships, communication and we are all better for it. We can all do better when we know better and, thanks to Heart 2 Heart with Dr. Tartt, now you know!

The first show featured Love & Money expert, Kenny Pugh, as we discussed Love & Money in relationships. Click picture above to listen to the lively dialogue on how job promotion (increased income), job loss, female bread-winners, should rings be gifts from the heart or feed the ego and much, much more. The phones lit up from the first few minutes and never stopped. God is so, so good!

Next month (April), we are tackling cheating but from a different perspective...What Makes Men NOT Cheat! This show will be a barn burner and save relationships world-wide. My special guests will blow your socks away! Tune in, call in and learn something while laughing yourself silly! Heart 2 Heart with Dr. Tartt is sponsored by Verizon Wireless and is broadcast at Clark Atlanta University on WCLK, Jazz In the City.

Listen on demand here (Heart 2 Heart With Dr. Tartt)

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