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Divine Delays Of Waiting On A Husband

What God has for you, HE has for you but on HIS time. Those are words I have lived over the past few years while waiting and waiting and waiting. Have you ever felt pregnant with a vision but couldn’t give birth to it no matter what you tried? I first penned The Ring Formula back in 2009, re-released the enhanced version in 2011 yet held on to the version I was most passionate about. That is, until now!

This week, I will release a five part Ring Formula Webinar Series For Finding A Husband that covers:

1) Self-growth & getting over past issues

2) Positioning to find an ideal mate,

3) Dating to get him into you and vice versa

4) Gaining commitment & building connection so he sees you as his future wife

5) Dealing with demands of sex in relationships and handling cheating

Friends, I can tell you that the journey has been ten times as long and laborious as I planned. There were many times when I cursed myself for not being able to let the project go. Why couldn’t I just settle with having a successful book that catapulted me in the media and encouraged so many now-married women to never give up?

No matter what I tried, God wouldn’t stop wrestling with me to do more. Now that the birth is imminent, I now see what God was doing. He was preparing me and he is preparing you too my friends. If God has given you a vision that you cannot let go of and it’s causing you strife, relax. God is delaying the birth of your vision until the right divine time because there are people who need at the time HE designates. We are all interconnected and can only move by faith versus sight.

Remember David the Shepherd? How do you think he must have felt being a shepherd while his older brothers went off to fight on the front lines in the army? He knew had a greater destiny that had to be bigger than taking care of sheep for his entire life. To make matters worse, he faced adversity in the form of both a lion and a bear. David had a vision and certainly questioned why it was being delayed and attacked by the devil. However, God had a plan and, at the right time, David was summoned to fight and slay Goliath on the front lines while his brothers watched in awe.

David was ready, in fact, he was over-ready for action! What David must have viewed as unwanted delay was actually God training, preparing and seasoning him to be ready to have the skills, courage, and faith to fearlessly live out his destiny. Like David, God has been delaying me to have more impact. Obviously, he needed me to get married first because he drove me to create these webinars while on my honeymoon in Fiji! Praise God for the world famous spas of Fiji where you can trust my wife did not miss me. In fact, she encouraged me and enjoyed sleeping in while I was up at the top of dawn with my laptop.

Friends, don’t you think God wants you to live your destiny as much as you do? Isn’t your destiny why God created you in the first place? Okay then, now you can relax while working and waiting because you have been reminded that the best kind of delay is one that is divine. Never give up. God loves you. Your time for good dates, commitment and marriage is near. I cannot help but believe that God wrestled with me because he heard your desires for marriage.

Maybe this is part of the solution. I made the first webinar complimentary so you can “taste and see” and the rest are optional. I pray that each webinar blesses you beyond measure and with a diamond ring too! Please let me know. Watch The Ring Formula Webinar Series For Finding A Husband and be encouraged. God is Good!

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