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Welcome To Better Husband, Better Wife...Where Marriages Come To Thrive

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What Is Better Husband Better Wife?

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Better Husband Better Wife is:

(1) A Supportive Community of Married Couples (married, engaged, and couples seriously dating towards marriage who desire to strengthen their marriage at all stages (thriving, good, okay, in trouble, on the brink of disaster, separated)

2) Monthly Interactive Couples Classes designed to improve couples' communication, connection, intimacy, conflict resolution, money/sex issues and supporting spouse's dreams

(3) A Full Marital Training Mastercourse members can access to resolve issues and improve marital skills immediately

(4) Marriage Resources in the form of access to marriage retreats, special trainings, couples interviews and advice on how to build and maintain better marriages.

Who Is Better Husband Better For?

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For Married & Engaged Couples Who:

  • Desire to thrive and grow in all aspects of marriage

  • Desire better teamwork  

  • Refuse to be a divorce statistic (50% divorce rate) 

  • Want an amazing marriage on and off social media 

  • Engaged couples who want divorce-proof their marriage

  • Need to resolve conflict faster and better

  • Couples who need help now to get back on track quickly 

  • Are seasoned wishing to successfully handle life changes

  • Want to affair proof their marriage

  • Want to resolve money, intimacy, & parenting issues

  • Want to achieve #couplesgoals and WIN together

* Special Note - This is not group marriage counseling lol. It's interactive marriage trainings and classes.

Better Husband Better Wife... What To Expect

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  • Improved communication skills (deep, consistent talking)

  • Improved conflict resolution skills (without fighting)

  • Improved connection rituals (date nights, vacations, etc.)

  • Improved marital resiliency (ability to adapt to change)

  • Improved teamwork (support life dreams/couples goals)

  • Improved sexual connection & intimacy (desire & satisfaction)

  • Improved ability to repair after a fight (process for making up)

  • Improved family connection (biological & blended families)

  • Improved ability to discuss money goals and issues 

  • Improved the ability to adapt to life changes together (entrepreneurship, death of family, changing dreams)

  • * Topics couples recommend are always considered since we support you

How Become A Member & Get Amazing Benefits

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Get A Better Husband Better Wife Membership 

  • Affordable Membership Model

  • Better Husband Better Wife Full Marital Mastercouse 

  • Monthly Marital Training Classes

  • Discount on A Weekend For Love Marriage Retreats 

  • Access To Expert Psychologists & Marriage Trainers

  • Exclusive Marital Enrichment Resources (Articles, Videos, Interviews, etc.)

"Either your marriage is getting consistently better or it's getting worse. Be part of the 50% of successful marriages who decide to thrive. You deserve to grow, adapt & WIN!

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- Dr. Alduan Tartt & Mecca Tartt

Who Trusts Us

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